Heat Exchanger Services

Heat Exchanger Services | STI GroupSTI Group provides a myriad of industrial exchanger services. Heat exchangers play a vital role in a wide array of industrial applications. They are responsible for the heating or cooling of industrial fluids and substances, or equipment. Without a properly functioning heat exchanger the entire system will become inefficient, inoperable, or downright dangerous. This is why the performance and maintenance of heat exchangers can be crucial to your operations. We also have the unique capability of being able to pick up and deliver your equipment to provide the necessary services off-site when needed.

The STI Group Advantage

We provide the initial construction and installation of the exchanger itself; however, we are also able to repair and retube as needed in addition to other maintenance services. With over 65 years of combined experience in the heat exchanger market, STI Group is setting the bar for specialty exchanger services. Our goal is to provide you with industry leading service and solutions in the following areas:

  • Complete Exchanger Re-Tube and Repair
  • TLX
  • Fin Fans
  • Condensers
  • Chillers
  • Ferrule Installation
  • Bundle Extracting
  • Bolt Torquing
  • Stud Tensioning

We know that in order to do this job safely and effectively it is essential to have highly skilled craftsmen and advanced facilities. Our facilities are ASME Certified: U, S and NBIC R certified. In addition to our operating facilities our highly skilled and safety-oriented craftsmen are hand selected based on their individual experience in the exchanger industry. The bottom line is that STI Group has the experience, resources, and know-how to handle all of your industrial exchanger needs from constructing and installing brand new units, to keeping your existing models running at high performance levels.